About NCTI

National Centre for Trade Information (NCTI) was incorporated on 31st March, 1995 as a Company under Section 25 of Companies Act, 1956. The Company started functioning w.e.f. March, 1996. It has a Board of Directors for administration of its affairs, which includes representatives from Ministry of Commerce & Industry, National Informatics Centre (NIC), Indian Institute of Foreign trade (IIFT), and Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence & Statistics (DGCI&S). Other representatives are from India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) and other Export Promotion Councils/ Apex Bodies. ITPO and NIC are co-promoters of the Company and have contributed a sum of Rs.4 crore (Rs.2 crore each) as Corpus Fund in the equity contribution of the Company.

NCTI provides value added trade information for the benefit of the international trading community, especially Indian MSME’s in the form of Electronic Trading Opportunities, Live Trade Leads. NCTI’s E-bulletin Trade Point India is posted on its website accessible by members.
  • India – Thailand Early Harvest Scheme (EHS)
  • Potential trade for India in Pakistan at the 2 digit HS Code level and comparative Customs tariff range
  • India-MERCOSUR
  • India-Chile Bilateral Trade
  • Analysis of India-GCC FTA/PTA
  • India-ASEAN FTA/PTA Study
  • India-Canada FTA, etc.
Other Projects
  • Development of Focus Africa Portal : www.focusafrica.gov.in.
  • Setting up, Operationalization and Management of a Computerized Trade Information Centre (CTIC) at Dharwad, Karnataka.
  • Development of Module for Online Evaluation and monitoring of MAI & MDA Schemes of DoC.
  • Value Added Services to APEDA & NSIC.
  • Handicrafts study for Development Commissioner of Handicrafts under Ministry of Textiles.
  • Development and maintenance of corporate website, fair websites etc. for India Trade Promotion Organisation.
  • Development of online ticket booking system for the New Delhi World Book Fair, for India Trade Promotion Organisation.
  • Development of Mobile App for the AAHAR Fair of ITPO.